D.o.B : 13.03.2011 
Dam: Kashanti Zena Of Hilton
Sire: Silverstorm Calm Sensei
Their names are related to astronomy


Pictures will be updated while groing.

                                            Spartacus Chiron     Spartacus Orcus    Spartacus Vanth   
                                                         Spartacus Chiron                                   Spartacus Orcus                                          Spartacus Vanth
                                                          BEN ns 24 (silver spotted)                            BEN ns 22 (silver marble)                             BEN ns 24 (silver spotted)
Reserved                                            Available                                                Reserved

Spartacus Luna
BEN ns 22 (silver marble)
Under evaluation - On hold

Spartacus Chiron 

Chiron har hele tiden vært den pusen som foretrekker å sitte med oss menneskene fremfor å herje med sine søsken.
Han vil gjerne leke, men gir inntrykk av at han synes de er for voldsomme akkurat nå.
Denne gutten er bare søt og er veldig glad i kos. Veldig godt og lett temperament.
On Hold

2060 Chiron (also known as Comet 95P/Chiron) is the largest-known centaur (half asteroid, half comet).
It is in a very elliptical, unstable orbit (on a timescale of millions of years) located between Jupiter and Neptune.
Discovered by Charles Kowal on November 1, 1977.

Icy small body orbiting the Sun in the outer solar system.
Once thought to be the most distant known asteroid, it is now believed to have the composition of a comet
nucleus—i.e., a mixture of water ice, frozen gases, and dust.

Spartacus Orcus

Silver marble ? How do they develope in to ? >>Photo of a older silver marble from the same parents<<
Orcus er en av to kattunger, som tror de er tøffere enn toget. han er rett på sak, skal angripa alt som beveger på seg og lider av noe overmot i forhold til å beregne. En skikkelig underholdende klovn mao. Han kan godt kose, men først etter at han har fått lekt en hel del eller like etter at han har våkna,
da er han verdens beste kjælegris.

The discovery and naming of Orcus in 2004 brings to astrology a second planet representing
the Roman god of the underworld, and an enigma as difficult to discern as the underworld itself.
Like the true god of the underworld he is, Orcus lurked in the background,
giving few clues to his real nature while we were preoccupied with other things.
We only have 1,500 years of ephemerides for both Pluto and Orcus ,but a unique pattern is visible for the relative geocentric positions
of Orcus and Pluto, a pattern which simply does not exist in the traditional 10-planet world we knew in the 20th Century.


 Spartacus Vanth

 Vanth er den største i kullet, han leker gjerne men er ikke like utagerende som sin marble-bror.
Han vil gjerne kose, men holder seg akkurat nå mest med ''his brother in crime'' Orcus.
Vanth ligner definitivt på sin eldre helbror Dionysus og vi regner med at hans utseende vil utvikle seg 
nært opp til hvordan han ser ut.
On Hold

Vanth (Moon), officially (90482) Orcus I Vanth, is the single known natural satellite of the plutino and likely planet Orcus. It was discovered by Mike Brown and T.-A. Suer using discovery images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope on November 13, 2005.[The discovery was announced on 22 February, 2007
The moon orbits Orcus "in a tight precise circle", with a period of approximately 10 days.
The mass of Vanth also depends on its albedo and can vary from 3 to 7.5 % of the total system mass.



2 weeks

mxsk3 mf
Spartacus Luna

mxsk3 sm2
Spartacus Vanth

mxsk3 mm
Spartacus Orcus

mxsk3 fsm1XX
Spartacus Chiron


1 week


Luna , Silver Marble - Female .


Vanth, Silver spotted - Male


Orcus,  Silver Marble - Male


Chiron, (Frosted at this moment) Silver Spotted - Male