Looking for


I'm looking for silver breeders that have consider strong and wild type (foundation expression desired)
in their program, and also have a good health program with care also for lines.
Searching for HIGH QUALITY silver male , untarnished, clear coated , strong contrasted,
less ticked at grown up parents that is tested negative for: HCM , PK defiency (or kitten is tested negativ for it) , feLv and FIV.
I will require written prove of that.

Need good bone structure , small ears (that is well placed) wild profile, big well-placed eyes, prominent wisker-pads and broud nose,
strong chin, also good body propositions and musculair.
I DON'T care for pancake rosettes , I care for good flow in pattern.
Nice tail, no wippet.
And I prefer big size cats, but big size is not VERY important.
Marble or spotted will be considered.
Mix between brown and silver will not be considered as suitable

Been looking for a while, but haven't found the ONE for my silver 2012 program.

Have taken of several silver female from my 2010 programs and also from 2011, that I'll need this male for.

I'll prefer TICA breeders, but will consider other if the cat is right.

Please contact me if you might have what I'm looking for or know a breeder that might have what I'm looking for.
I will be very greatful to find Mr. Right :)

Photo is from own breed silvers (Spartacus Nefertari & Spartacus Dionysus)